Testing is the last step of panel production.



Solar Panel & System        Solar Roof 


Solar-power might be the key of reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. Solar power can offer an instant facility or solution to the area that power grid cannot support.

Because of continuous development for reaching the green energy goal, solar panels have become inexpensive and investment worthy for private and public organizations across the nation in many countries. 




6000 cycles battery gives 5 year of life

60-325W Solar Panel, 6mm² cable and Storage Battery





Latest 6mm² solar power cables and MC4 connectors

(TUV certified)

for different specification and quote please send to info@4cmart.com






Quality Assurance

Before production, the incoming Solar cell/panel are under strictly testing the efficiency, quality and reliability. Power inverter and whole system flow are carefully inspected for the lowest loss. IntVisio assures cost effectiveness of your system, real life span, and reliability.





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