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Company Profile

IntVisio Technology is a manufacturing division of 4CMart. In accordance with Taiwanese LCD & LED panel makers grow fast and become big recently, we know LCD & LED display shall change our life style. Many business and entertainment facilities will be changed and related supply chain of the firmware and component is growing. We, in Taiwan, have good position and information providing service for these industries. We find this good opportunity for developing a fast growing business, LCD related system assembly. IntVisio, this name comes from our focus on Internet. Internet TV has been developed by several companies in US but they haven’t succeeded. Because the industry standard and supply chain are not mature. You know the Internet and its everything such as Search Engine, TV Game, convenient Online Investment, and Digital Home application are growing very fast. TV display quality technology HD and Full HD and best quality Digital TV program, all are ready for our life. IntVisio Technology focus friendly styles and supplies popular price. By the production strength of China, our neighbor, we commit ourselves to supply comfortable TVs and related frame for the usage in factory and public place.

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Our Business Way- Both Win

Similar to our branding, our mind for the relationship with distributor, reseller, and end user is to look for the best and smooth situation for all. Our management and marketing teams are experienced in Display and Computer Industries. We can just catch the right things efficiently and care customer’s benefits. Branding leads us for responsibility and long-term commitment. We will promote the brand name “IntVisio” and invest advertisement in several countries of the North America and West Europe, one by one. IntVisio Technology was started forming in 2008. We know TV market is changing for LCD and LED. Family will need to buy a big 42” LCD TV for replacing old CRT. We would like to remind the buyer that the LCD panels used in our models are strictly choose and are the same as those of the famous brands. In our introducing stage to the market, we supply only four sizes of models because they are ideal. Thus, we can reduce the manufacturing costs and the selling prices.


We have to exceed customer’s expectation in many ends. This means we must deliver a nice product without loss and your worry. The cost performance rate must be high. A solid after-service organization shall be set up in each country. Convenient website and customer service window is ready for fast responding mistake in case.


By the website, we present all detailed features of each model for the customer. The new display technology featured, density level & its resolution, sound effect, operation, how to select your right model and warranty. Before you select and buy a right TV model, we give you illustration, information, and reasons. Please compare them.

Please notify your friends to visit our website if they have the needs of buying a TV.


To international distributors and buyers, we ask for letter of credit payment for all orders. Distributors have to buy a certain quantity for each order. Normally, price is FOB Taiwan or China.



When you contact us, please describe your business type, geographic area or market segment, the models interested etc. by Please visit the webpage Distribution for more information.