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Export and the Product

For some products, we put on the brand name “IntVisio” for identification.

Lithium Battery for electric bicycle and scooter, the two-wheel vehicle





Car/Light Truck Tyre Inflator

       From the external of a vehicle, tyre is the main and removeable part.In the engine room, normal people are not knowledgeable to repair. Further, the air pressure of the tyres make the driving stable or not and even results in accident under the bad road condition. In the past, attached a back-up tyre was a solution for tyre accident. Now we develop the compact and transportable inflator which allows to pump the tyre anywhere by an electronic way. . 


TC-22 details




TC-30 details


       The above digit at the model number 22 and 30 stands for the real pump’s diameter in mm. The bigger diameter certainly creates larger air volume and eventual efficiency. But the bigger pump shall require bigger motor and make the cost higher. With evaluation, we know TC-22 is able to straight inflate the tyres of light truck including 5-seat SUV, 9-seat Multivan, and 2.5 tons of truck without relying on the lift weight device. Same as the old way, any kind or size of tyre can be inflated by lifting the vehicle to the air with small distance from the ground.

In case your trip is in the dessert or heavy snow area, fix your car/truck DIY in a light manner right away is better than waiting for help. Only a small learning and change to your thinking can prevent tyre’s trouble.



Vacuum Cleaner

       Built with vacuum technology, small Cleaner for car inside can perform efficiently at low budget. Building daily or weekly cleaning habit brings flash and healthy environment is so smart and easy.



We are inviting the distributors who will activate the Renewable Energy SOLAR, AUTOTRONICS and the charging for EV. When you contact us, please describe your business type and geographic area or market segment. Please send your inquiry to intvisio@4cmart.com .


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