Delivery Service on this site


Not only reseller, this site serves enduser also. Before you place order, please understand the delivery way. All online shops quote and count freight fee seperate. Because you might be the oversea receiver. We divide the delivery service into several ways. For Global WiFi, tourist or buyer shall sometimes receive the pack in destined hotel. Normal products are delivered from China, Taiwan, or Rseller of your country. The reason why we define the freight by Taiwan’s Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. is she covers the largest area or even global. Buyer will have to choose delivery way on counting the total purchase amount, at the last step.






Out-Taiwan AIR PARCEL below/equal 3kgs

This service is served by Taiwan’s governmental Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. also. If you buy 4 units, but the total weight is less than 3kgs, you win the freight saving.



Out-Taiwan AIR PARCEL over 3kgs

This service is served by Taiwan’s governmental Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd.



Door to Door Trade – xxx logistic Inc.

This is served by private international logistics company. You know, the custom clearance is included in the process. The duty is according to the purchase quantity. But we just offer a standard unit price having already covered duty. In counting step, you must accept the corresponding fee.


Not Available



Freight Forwarder

This way is the same as normal quantity delivery made by importer. You shall instruct a freight forwarder to contact us. She will come to our warehouse to pick up the goods. So, you don’t have to pay for freight in the step of counting.

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Specified Delivery Service

When your object is a piece of thin document, a small box, or even expensive pure gold,..



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