In addition to 3C, we add the extra value “Renewable Energy System and Battery” for supporting the marketing and sales.

contains several major items:

1) It’s the entire site agency, equipped with three-year contract period

2) Hardware and solar products (please visit link and translate) ranked in supply,are not required minimum purchase amout. Solar power system uses two types of panel, Chrystalline and Thin film. The thin film is customer design and requires a small quantity, because the power route is connected inside of the panel in the production process. The main market in the beginning is the glass windows of building construction.

3) the re-export of used cars to mainland China: by utilizing Taiwan's quota

4) Lithium battery (for E-scooter and solar) distribution

5) Investment (or Capital) platform is in development, which will include the category of Stock, Insurance, and Gold deposit related.




1) National-wide agency, three-year contract period signed with 4cmart, but not for the sub-agent

2) The franchise fee National, is set at US$XXXX for the first year period. Both parties bargains by the end of December for next year. The national agent shall take a joining fee US$100 for each seller for her local on-line shop in the website.

3) Affiliate has to be responsible for the translation work of entire site.

4) Affiliate is responsible for the modified content in line with local culture style and current affairs. The information and description about the tourist attractions of local tour or outstanding sincec.

5) Housing business is activated by local House Rental and followed by local Law Auction House, because of the low-cost benefit.

6) On promoting “home solar”, we supply 200AH battery and suggest DC home appliance, such as fan, air conditioner, light, heater, etc.


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