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If you like to install IntVisio Solar Roof, please prepare these information early,

1) What is your total power consumption per day or month? For example, 100KWh-1000KWh per month,

please decide a number of KWh.

2) Where is your house? How does it look like? Please take pictures of your roof.

3) How much is your budget for this Solar Roof? Please prepare the number.

Our local distributor/dealer will offer more service to you, including solar loan.


This animation shows exactly the system structure of Solar Roof to be in your house.

In addition to Roofing PV Panels, there are battery, inverter, and cabling. You have to have the space for these items.

If you only join the on-grid power generating, one more connector/meter will be added.

SRS & AC v3.gif   So simple!