Korean Inbound Tour

Korean Inbound Tour

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Inbound Tour generally can be one of the following types,
Customized Tour: Korean travel agent have expertise in arranging for the needs of special interest groups, eg. Farmers, wine growers,
geographers, athletes, photographers, etc.
Culture Tour: Discover 2500 years of Korean History & Culture
Activity Tour: Park tour, Festival World, etc. 和堡壘,保持康華海峽, 它的興建是土壤和石頭的混合物
Daily Tour: Experience of High Tech. & Ancient Ways
DMZ Tour: seeing evidence of Korean War and a dramatic sense of the tragedy of the separated family members
Night Tour: Theater, tower and market, Korea House introducing culture and life style
SIT: Ceramic tour, Hand Acupunture, Icheon Pottery Village Tour and Siluk Temple,

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