From September 2013 to September 2014, DEPOSIT PRICE CHANGE


2013-9-30  US$1,300/OZ    

2014-9-30  US$1,138/OZ   




FALL 12.5%

The lowest  US$1,138/OZ

Today  FINE GOLD US$1,192/OZ


In September 2014 our Fine Gold Price


        Two months of decrease together, the depth is about 10%. Please look out!



         See the historic change of FINE GOLD PRICE


3-year trend (2011-2014)

     Last September’s trend (September 2014)


  Recent price has gone to the bottom of the past 3 years.

In last month (October 2014), price went on dropping.

USD has increased 7% in the 3rd quarter, the future change is not much. So, gold price shall be stable. The gold price is expected in the range US$1,180-US$1,280 near future.