Ask a queStion

Whatever you are sending a new inquiry or request after service, please utilize these most convenient tools


Facebook Messenger

You might direct write your message to that small seperate window, then click. Your message will take the Internet and reach our customer service personnel. Write short message with attention name is even better. We can provide with English language service only.



This is an efficient tool for sending SMS to our smartphone of the customer service personnel. If first time, user must scan the code for join our LINE account, then type your SMS. Long message will malfunction sometimes. Thank you.


Generally, all our products on sale are new, not used or demonstration machines for purchase at low price. If you want to ask the condition of the products, they are new just like the ex-factory original outlook, with standard configuration of the model made by the manufacturer.


Working Time:  9:00AM – 6:00PM  by Asia Taipei (Beijin) Time Zone



If you want to check status of your order or delivery, please use the small window as below on the first page, at left part.

                 文字方塊: Order Query

    Type your order number and get answer right away.


If you can use email only,


Please contact