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co2 Analyzer

co2 Analyzer


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This CO2 Analyzer with data logger is the new standard to measure the concentration of CO2. The  CDL 210 CO2 Analyzer evaluates the quality of the air based on the measurement of the content of CO2 by means of infrared measurement, the temperature and the air moisture. All the registered information is shown on the big display. You can record data for different time periods and then analyse the information on your PC. The CO2 Analyzer is especially suitable for the evaluation of the air in conference rooms and in general rooms in the industrial and public sector (e.g. schools). A high concentration of carbon dioxide can develop quickly, especially when several people are in closed spaces that lack good ventilation. The carbon dioxide reduces the general well-being (i.e. symptoms of weariness, loss of concentration and headaches), and therefore also the productivity of workers. A concentration of more than 800 ppm already affects the well-being of a person. 

- Acoustic notice when the pre-established CO2 limit value is exceeded

- Simultaneous indication on display of CO2 concentration, the temperature and the air moisture

- Recording function for up to 5300 series of measurements
- Compact design
- C=2 concentration measurement
- Big display
- Big measurement range of up to 2000 ppm

Technical Specifications

CO2 measurement range

0 ... 2000 ppm CO2

CO2 accuracy

50 ppm ±5 %


1 ppm (0-100 ppm)

Measurement type

 NDIR procedure (Non dispersive analyser for infrared absorption)


-10 ... +60 ºC

Accuracy of temperature

±0,6 ºC


0,1 ºC

Air moisture

5 ... 95 %


de 10 ... 90 %, 25 ºC ±3 % but ±5 %


0,1 %


simultaneous display of the concentration of CO2, temperature and relative humidity

Assessment of weather conditions



5300 series of values

Data record

up to 16000

Measurement range

3 /10 / 30 seconds
1 / 3 /10 / 30 minutes
1 / 3 /4 hours

Power supply

Net component AC 5 V / 0,5 A

PC connection

USB port


120 x 100 x 110 mm

[Deal Type] Only Branded

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